Get more done without the isolation

Sometimes you don't want to be alone.
Other times you need to get work done and want some accountability, without having to talk to anyone.

If you simply need to get work done, but find yourself lonely or procrastinating, then this is the work-in for you.

In this work-in space, you will have the opportunity to cowork in silence for as long or as briefly as you like.

There is no audio feature available during the Quiet Commons Work-in®, so be prepared to get a lot of work done and not feel quite so alone.

The Quiet Commons Work-in® is a unique coworking space borne from my experience being self-employed and working from home – a combination that can be lonely and discouraging.

Over the years, I found that working (even silently) in the company of others made me more productive and inspired, which has improved my business overall.

This Work-in is silent and not guided – you can work on whatever you want and never be interrupted. It’s perfect for anyone who just needs to feel like they are not alone.

This is our


Every Wednesday

10:00 AM – 2:00 PM PDT


Work-in Type: Silent Event

We structure the Quiet Commons Work-in® into one large block of time with no scheduled breaks. This is meant to be a highly productive coworking event, hence no audio will be available.

The Work-in space will be open 15 minutes early for anyone who would like to say hello or to get prepared.

At the scheduled start time, the host will begin by making an introduction then silencing the workspace.

During the quiet work time, you can always ask questions or provide support in the designated Group Chat. 

At the end of the Work-in, the room will remain open for 30 minutes for conversation, help, and community building.

This is a members-only event.