Focus on managing business finances

Money. We earn it, we spend it, but a lot of the time, we ignore it.

Self-employed people are busy!

Typically, we have so many tasks we need to complete at any given moment, we don’t make the time for minding our money.

I’ve heard from many in our community that monthly accounting and money management tasks fall to the bottom of their task list all the time.

Procrastinating on this very important task makes everything more difficult, which is why we created this monthly work-in®

So let us all stop procrastinating and schedule this block of time to handle all of our money matters.

What money matters do you need to attend to?

Collect and organize all of your receipts

Analyze your spending habits

Make deposits

Pay bills

Update accounting software

Prepare taxes

Make investments

Create a new budget


(Check Member Calendar for dates)

9:00 AM – 11:00 AM PDT


Work-in Type: Sprint Event

We structure the Money Matters Work-in® into blocks of time, split up by scheduled 10-minute breaks. 

The Work-in space will be open 15 minutes early for anyone who would like to say hello or to get prepared.

At the scheduled start time, the host will begin by making an introduction and possibly posting some relevant resources. 

Once the Work-in starts, all audio will be muted by the host until the first work sprint is over. At the end of each block, the host will open the mics for 10 minutes so you can ask questions, share victories, offer help to other coworkers, or to socialize. 

During the quiet work time, you can always ask questions or provide support in the designated Group Chat. 

At the end of the Work-in, the room will remain open for 30 minutes for conversation, help, and community building.

This is a members-only event.