we believe

It takes two to make a thing go right...

Not just a fun lyric from 1988, but an important ingredient for success as a solopreneur.

Simply put, we are better together.

So many entrepreneurs leave their corporate jobs or start side gigs because they want to build something of their own, something meaningful and profitable.

Yet a few months into building the solo business, they come to realize a couple of surprising truths. Self-employment can be very lonely, and it can cause you to constantly second guess every decision and have you running in circles…sometimes for years.

The most effective way to get out of that loop AND feel less lonely is to connect with another person – or 10 or 50 – who “get” what you are going through and who are traveling the same path of working independently.

As a solopreneur, you cannot just look over the top of your computer and ask your officemate for help or feedback, you have to try to find the answers on your own and that can start a death spiral for your productivity.

Magic happens in your business when you get unstuck.



There is no need to stay stuck any longer. We have created a virtual coworking space specifically for solopreneurs, freelancers and entrepreneurs to be more productive, accountable and to be surrounded by a helpful community of people just like you. 

What our members are saying

The Share Squared Spaces has allowed me to work from my home in Chile and meet amazing friends from around the world who help me brainstorm to develop my business. It’s like a daily mastermind.
Pamela Garland
Nutrition Expert
In 2017, I packed up my family and we moved from Texas to Virginia, without having a home to move into yet. From my little cramped hotel room, I could connect on Share² Spaces with other amazing people, who were all working towards a common goal of creating businesses that gave life, rather than sucking their souls. Not only were we working simultaneously, but during scheduled breaks, we were sharing tips, frustrations, and wins.
Amanda Howell
Solopreneur & Artist
I feel more focused and leave each session feeling like I accomplished the things I needed to do that day. Also, the idea sharing is changing how I do business and I like being in sync with other entrepreneurs.
Colby Marie
Solopreneur & Educator

About your host

Jackie Bernardi

I’m the Co-Founder of Share Squared Spaces, and I created this space because it’s exactly what I needed to power up my business…

…because the isolation was killing my productivity.

It wasn’t that I didn’t love working alone. It was that I had no one in front of me, cheering me on, holding me accountable, and giving feedback.

I really wanted all of the cool benefits of joining a physical coworking space, but I didn’t want to have to leave my home every day, and frankly, I found them to be too expensive for my small business.

So for the past couple of years, I’ve hosted countless online group coworking events, which have produced incredible results for our members.

I would like to invite you to join our coworking community.

Image of Share Squared Spaces Co-Founder, Jackie Bernardi

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